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Daily luxury, heavenly comfort

B2B Luxury Apartments is situated in the posh city of Knokke, the Monaco of the north at the Belgian coast. With a wonderful sight on dune mountains and the polders of West Flanders, B2B Luxury Apartments has without any doubt a huge advantage.

Furthermore, the complex is composed of luxury apartments of 120 m², always with the latest gadgets. Enjoy arrangements such as fitness, water sports, star restaurants, and all this within 2-minutes walking distance.

Discover the downtown area and enjoy the global tidiness in the wonderful shopping streets where you can find premium brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel.

Beach & nature

10 minutes walking from the beach you will find more than 20 different beach bars where you can stay from breakfast to the evening snifter on the cleanest beaches and bathing areas of Europe!

Knokke has of course much more than only shopping streets and beaches! There are for instance a lot of events, both sports and culture; in short, Knokke is an amusing and entertaining city to stay.

In Knokke safety is also important, you can visit the city safely with personal belongings and children, without having to fear thefts or aggressions!

The hiking and bicycle dike going from Knokke to the nature reserve “Het Zwin”, is a must for hikers and cyclists.

And much more...

We could mention many more activities, however we simply recommend you to book with us to enjoy a carefree stay.

So, these are only some of the reasons why “B2B Luxury Apartments” opens accommodations in this city!

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Royal Zoute Golf Club

Tennis & golf

And do not forget: the wonderful Royal Zoute Golf Club and the Royal Tennis Club with evening animation in the restaurant and in the disco “Knokke Out”.
Website Royal Zoute Golf Club